Hot rods and custom bikes are tools that are meant to be used and abused in the name of fun. That’s where we come in. If it ain’t running right, it ain’t gonna get used. Let us help get you on the road and stay there.

Dick Fittzwell’s Rod Shop is the creation of it’s lead technician, Mike Burke. Founded on the belief that hot rods and bikes should work good and last a long time, the crew at Dick Fitzwell’s Rod Shop applies decades of experience turning wrecks into gems and fixing other people’s screw ups. While one of Dick’s specialties is the cleanest wiring install you can find, if it sucks, squeezes, bangs & blows, we can make it better.

We’re located in Niles City, Texas in the heart of Fort Worth. Never heard of it? Don’t worry, nobody else has either.¬†Give us a call or text at 817-307-8987, or shoot an email to and let us know how we can get you on the road.